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1.Measurement Range:20-600mg/dL or 1-33.3mmol/L
2.Blood sample:Fresh capillary whole blood
3.Blood valume:0.6μl
4.Test time:10 seconds
5.Operating temperatuure:10℃ to 35℃
6.Memory 200 sets with Date and Time
7.Date management:7,14,28 days averaging
8.Power supply:AAA button cell
9.Battery Life:1000sets
10.PC download option
11.Easy operation
12.FAD -GDH system

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One touch test strip

Buy One touch test strip

Ideal for: Type 1 and 2 Diabetic patients

Pack Size: 50 strips per pack

Minimum Blood Sample Needed: 0.5 mg/dl

About J&J:
Johnson and Johnson is one of the leading brands that is improving health from past 120 years. They are the manufacturer of all the products from One Touch to managing sugar level. All Johnson’s products are safe for use. Buy One touch test strip

OneTouch Ultra Blue Diabetic Test Strips provide fast and less painful testing of glucose levels. Designed for use with the OneTouch UltraSoft Automatic Blood Sampler and OneTouch UltraSoft Lancets, this blood test strip is ideal for diabetic patients who need to monitor their body glucose level at home. If you have diabetes, you already know that with the right tools and health plan, you can still enjoy life’s sweets. OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips help you test your blood glucose simply and accurately for your optimum health goals. The sampler automatically draws blood into the strip, and provides results within five seconds.


Onetouch Ultra Diabetic Test Strips / Blood Glucometer Test Strips 50’s

If you are tired of going to labs again and again for simple blood glucose levels and looking for accurate blood glucose strips, you have reached onto the right product. Try J and J One Touch Ultra Test Strips 50 which are Compatible with J&J One Touch Ultra Family of Glucometers. easy to use and shows quick accurate results.


Key Benefits:

Tested for high accuracy and reliability.
Easy to use just takes 5 seconds to show the results.
Draws blood into the test strip automatically for testing.
Helps in determining your daily adjustments in treatment as and when required.
Helps in Early Detection if one have dangerously high or low levels of glucose
Helps you understand how your diet and exercise change your glucose levels.


How to Use:

Step 1: Get a blood sample. Use your lancing deviceFast and a new lancet to get a drop of blood from your fingertip.
Step 2: Put Strip in the machine as per the arrow direction shown.
Step 3: Apply blood to strip. Apply the blood droplet to the test strip when the blood droplet symbol appears in your meter window.
Step 4: Read the result.


When to use:

Geriatric population
People having hereditary of Diabetes

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