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Enriched with cocoa butter, sugar and milk, Nutella Chocolate spread tastes great with cookies, bread slices and several Indian delicacies. It is 100% vegetarian and contains no preservatives. Its unique flavour will leave you asking for more. So have a happy start to your mornings with Nutella- hazelnut spread with cocoa. Try preparing lip smacking desserts with Nutella Chocolate and treat your loved ones.

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Nutella online

Buy Nutella online

Product Description

Nutella the loveable & perfect companion for crepes, waffles, shakes & much more!


Nutella Food Service Catering Tub – 3kg

Available in an ideal 3kg tub for caterers, complete with handle & sealable lid. A rounded tubs is economical on waste, ensuring you can salvage every last gram of this delicious spread. Buy Nutella online


Nutella® contains 13% hazlenuts & 7% cocoa
Suitable for vegetarians
Free from artificial colours & preservatives

Packaging & Shipping

 2 x 3000 grams. 105 cases / pallet. Up to 24 pallets per load.

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 An 8-year-old company that obtains products exclusively from the original sources. With us you can have direct access to a number of FMCG, straight from the factory, in the F&B, home and personal care sectors. We follow serious queries with dedication A major source of Fast Moving Consumers Goods. All our products are purchased directly from manufacturers. We focus on the specific needs of every customer, trying to build a long-term, highly confidential and tailor-made relationship with each business partner.

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