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Knoppers is a brand of wafer sandwich filled with nougat and milk creme, produced by August Storck KG. Since 1983, Knoppers has been available in Germany and bordering European countries, as well as Australia, Vietnam, Russia and, since 2017, the United Kingdom. A wafer normally weighs 25 grams.

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Knoppers Online

Buy Knoppers Online

We have in offer Knoppers 200g and other Ferrero products


Knoppers 200g


Packaging Details:

24 Pcs / Case
FTL 33 Pallets
20FT 20 Pallets


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Knoppers is a great tasty and healthy snack that will give you energy and let you enjoy the moment. Storck’s proposal is square, fresh, crunchy wafers filled with nut cream with the addition of valuable hazelnuts and a nutritious portion of milk and cocoa. Fresh Knoppers wafers are a brilliant snack for both children and adults. Give yourself and your next moment of pleasure that will give you energy for the day. Filled wafer (30.4% milk filling, 29.4% nougat mixture) Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat, wheat flour (12%), skimmed milk powder (11.5%) *, hazelnuts (9%), wholegrain wheat flour (6%), cocoa, milk fat (2.6%) *, whey product, defatted cocoa, wheat starch, emulsifier: soya lecithin, powdered cream.


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